Friday, June 23, 2006


I'm using this space to gloat right now.
I saw Bruce Springsteen last night. Yep, at MSG and yeah, our seats were most definitely on the floor. If I had paid, I would have gotten my moneys worth. The Boss played for nearly three hours not even playing his own songs( mostly)!!!! The Seeger Sessions, baby. I' like these seshes. I'm not going to specify that i mostly like 1970's Bruce anymore. He's still got it. Bruce was having fun, I was having fun, Joan was having fun. IT RULED! I get why he can sell out 8 nights in like, what 14 minutes of something? Got it, Bruce is the Boss.
It was a total trip - imagine a sadium of thousands of peeps from the NY & NJ suburbs singing "Bring 'em home".


Oh, you didn't know? You havn't heard the world actually ended last friday night/saturday early morning- weird. The end of the world included a strobe light, fog machine, thoseglowsticknecklaces, a whylin' out squad, a comfortable makeout closet, beer and even jello shots. after the world ended Montauk the place devolved into Mantauk and it became official that I prefer brahs to bros.

Friday, June 16, 2006

trying to decide what the fuck i should wear

a few things:
- a few weeks ago when i was on drugs i said i didn't like cartoons. this isn't true, i just don't like all cartoons, but who does?
- dark beer, red wine, garlic, ginger, onions and tomatoes can potentially lower yr blood's ability to clot.
-if a persons blood count goes below 10,000 bleeding in the brain could occur.
-focusing an image from film on a projector is my new favorite thing.
- social injustice in any form is the saddest thing.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Freak tha whole scene

I went to a wack attack flower power party in a free for all multi room stairs cubbyhole hang out spots roof outside giant rabbit made of hay spraypaint blacklight pot brownies & absinthe served to boot place on saturday. I ate a pot brownie and then three hours later i fell down. apparently, i fainted/blacked out. who knew. in any case i'm only writing this to report that i looked really good wearing a magenta flower print dress with lavender tights and a paper plate flower on my head, ok?

also, props/shout outs to : chris smith for carrying me out of the building and laura and alan for walking me home. respekt.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Real Lyfe Wizards of DOOM

two nights ago i saw a band called "Sunn O)))". They wear grim reeper robes, use a fog machine, drone for an hour - all the while making slow dramatic ritualistic motions with their guitars or gong.