Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I have been saying for a little while that my biggest art wish would be for a stranger to write me and say they like what I do. Somehow, that happened today. I'm not sure if it's The Secret or just true living life. But, someone obviously knows what I'm talking about out there. That's comforting.

Monday, October 29, 2007

when it feels so heavy that you just can't stop it

I went from nothing to too much to do in a matter of hours.

Somehow, I'm doing an installation for a piano player for a show at the Flea Theater this weekend and the next.

I have the drawing gifts reception soon.

I have to write a review of the Kathe Burkhart show at ps1 but I'm having troubles with words. Remembering them, and what they mean.

I DO have two days off this week. Two days which I could and financially probably should work at stripes, but I'm not going to.

I also have an appointment to sip tea and make cat toys at the end of the week - which, is nothing to complain about.

wah, wah, wah.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

um, and um and um

You know when you feel like you want to be doing something, but don't know what to do. And then you feel weird about feeling that way. And then you start things and stop and start and stop.

I'm just sitting on my bed listening to Mary J Blige hoping someone sends me an email offering to be my benefactor.

Monday, October 22, 2007

the light

This weekend I got a new, really great, totally helpful and perfect and maybe life changing desk lamp. It's the same lamp I use all day at the stripe factory and I love it. Expect my artwork to improve at least 70%, as my workspace is like, a million times better.

I went to the PS1 opening yesterday. Nothing especially great....maybe the Kathe Burtkhart show was great, because I had a dream about it. That's got to count for something.

Saturday afternoon I jammed CMJ to finally see Greg's band. I was totally psyched because Mika Miko played after them. Seeing Mika Miko made me think, "Oh yeah, this is why I really like music".

Thursday, October 11, 2007

flower beds and deadlines

The weekend can't come soon enough, let me tell you what. By Saturday afternoon I should be totally done with everything thing I have to do for the Art For Empty Walls show (besides mailing the work). Then, I will lay down in a bed. Maybe a flower bed.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


It's 9:48am on Sunday and someone is really groovin' to some loud tunes in my building. I don't mind at all, but I mean, most people are probably sleeping. I'm not sure when it started happening, but this building keeps getting louder and louder. Sometimes it feels like a dormitory - especially with the sorority that just moved across the hall ( !). Once it starts to feel too dormish, I'll hear little Matthew saying "bye dad! I love you! bye dad!" to his father everytime he leaves...until he walks out the front door or run into Johnny across the hall and talk about how long it takes to get anything done around here. And then, It's still good ol' 159: totally annoying, but charming, looks great if you don't look close enough and the place where I live.

I just discovered a small perk of my new desk location in my room: great views of the cute fat cat that perches on the fences in the backyard of the next apartment over.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

small lines

I've spent so much time drawing/painting small things today that my neck hurts. At first my hands were hurting but the pain vibes have traveled up into my neck and seem to be staying there for the time being. I have a feeling the vibes will be released when I fall asleep. I'm hoping they make their way through my ceiling and visit my upstairs neighbors. I don't want them to feel the pain, really. I just want them to do the necessary thing to relieve it - lay down. I really can't imagine what's going on up there,but it's really loud and I'm sure they could benefit from a good lay down. It sounds like maybe they're continually rearranging the furniture in their room. This happens every night until about 7 am. It's just ocurring to me that maybe all the furniture moving and loud walking is a feng shui thing.

EDIT: I actually went up there last night. They're putting together ikea furniture.Everynight.