Monday, January 28, 2008


tons of moolah from a rich person that recognizes my artistic genius.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

my newest dream

is to start a per portraiture business. In this business I would draw peoples pets and they would pay me the $$big bux$$. That is my new dream job now that stripes has bitten the dust.

So friends, can you please send me pictures of your childhood pets? I'll make something of them for you. DUDeS I GOT TO BEEF UP MY PET PORTFOLIO!

I am 100% serious.

Monday, January 14, 2008

going down with the ship

ok. so stripes, my job is over. i am not sure how i'll pay rent/loans/electric/internet/health insurance now. I am kind of freaking out and kind of just tired. i'm hoping something will just come up fast. I'm applying for things...I just can't afford to only have my one job.

Maybe people will start to want to buy everything i make. unlikely. and that would probably more stressful than it's worth. and i'm so young. oy vey.

i guess in the mean time i've got lists to make, books to read, art to make, music to listen to and drinks to drink. which i am going to do with pat whenever he gets here.

helloooo alibi happy hour.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

head aches

Alan has been working from home ( or, my apartment) all weekend. It stinks and he doesn't want to be doing it, obvi. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what to do with myself while being home. Yesterday I cleaned up a lot of messes. Today I have a headache and am laying down and have no idea what to do.

I've been reading Julie Doucet's 365 Days on and off throughout the last 2 days. It is great. It makes me feel less crazy. I'm thinking of doing something like that just cause.

Monday, January 07, 2008

things i can do when i don't know what else to do

a reference guide;

write a screenplay
have hot chocolate
direct a feature length film
start my stand up comedy career
crochet something
write back to one of my pen pals
surf the blogosphere

Saturday, January 05, 2008

i wanna be yr larry david

Every once and a while I think, "Maybe I would make a good stand up comedian".

Larry David didn't know he was funny until college. Can you believe that?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

the best of the greatest hits

While I was at work today cutting letters out of foil, I tried to think of 2007 highlights. Here is what I came up with. It is in no specific order, duh, since hierarchy is mostly stupid.

-getting to know Lenny the cat.
-Miranda July's performance at the Kitchen.
-Doing a piece with/having Johanna Fateman as my art mom AND having that in a show.
-when Caitlin and Devon came over to cook meals in the summer.
-our revamped apartment.
-having Wynne Greenwood come into our sculpture class.
-everything insane anyone ever said in sculpture crit.
-Alan!( continued from 2006)
-having people want to buy weird things (aka ART) that I've made.
-starting and finishing little collabo book zines with Devon and Mandy.
-stripe factory
-Castro's, always.
-Me & Megan's new book
-My Aunt's new dog Raz
-Fall without homework
-my ll bean braided rug

I'm pretty sure I thought of more stuff at work. But I can't remember it now so, whatevs.

2000 oh great

I've never really been too into New Years. I realized what my ideal new years eve would be this year - the Bill Murray Film Festival, again. Anyone in for next year? Anyway, Though I don't really like saying "Happy New Year!" to everyone for the first week of the year, after writing notes and stuffing envelopes for hours with Devon yesterday I discovered I really like writing it. And writing it bigger and bolder than anything thing else I've written.

As my 3 or 4 blog readers already know - I am very much addicted to caffeine. It kind of sucks, even though coffee rules!!!!!! I would like to be able to not have coffee one day and not have the worst headache of all time because of it. So, this morning I'm drinking some black tea ( totes sux in comparison). I'm not going no caffeine or anything, I'm just going to switch it up every once in awhile hoping it makes me slightly less dependent. Is that possible?

Also, I've come to the point where I think "WTF I don't know how to make anything, I can only draw some weird doodle flower sometimes and everything i've ever made is the stupidest thing that ever happened in the universe" so, friends, could we do like a real crit type thing sometime? that would be pretty cool.

AND FINALLY some seriously blog worthy news; I now have an ipod. I've been spending whatever time i've been home doing something else and also importing cds to my computer. it takes a long time. I'm almost there.