Monday, June 30, 2008

highly illogical

This just in -

I like Star Trek. The original series. Especially Mr.Spock .Duh.

I stepped on a piece of glass Saturday night. I had to lay down most of the night as a result. Alan and I ended up watching his Star Trek DVDs (noid). I liked it. Kind of a lot. So silly and enjoyable. It's so logical.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dear Michael,

Where to start? I'm not sure how this all happened. Anyone who has talked to me in the last four months knows I love your character, Omar Little from The Wire. I really love Omar. Oh, Indeed and all of that. Yesterday I didn't have to go into work until 11am. I had an hour or so to kill in the morning and looked at your listing.


you were in Trapped in the Closet? How weird was it to do that? OMG you were the cop whose wife was doing the midget?! Whoa, it's weird seeing you in a police uniform but you look good.
Was the song playing while you shot that and you just sang along? Probably, right?

Then I watch you in a comedy Sketch in Human Giant. I'm getting the vibe that you are funny and like funny things. Michael, me too!

At this point I have to stop. I need to get dressed and leave. Then I wonder where you live now? I know you're from Baltimore but maybe you live in NYC now. Maybe Brooklyn. Maybe I'll see you on my way to work! If I do will I take an uncomfortable picture with you? I'd kind of have to. I don't see you.

But I do realize that I have now developed a celebrity crush on you, Michael K. Williams. I still love Omar but now I like you too. It's a little embarrassing so don't tell everyone.



Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HEY Nineteen

I still don't have a good job. or I have one good job that is only 4 days a month. But I am going to see Steely Dan tonight, so like, whatever.

Steely Dan is a band I never, ever thought I would like. Even when I first listened to an album or two I thought, "Ew". Somehow this unbelievably ( unbearably?!) smooth music has grown on me. I love it. Jazz rock, my dad calls it. JAZZ. I'm the one who will proudly make the totally over the top statement of "jazz sux" when I can. I gave Adam the hardest time on our trip a few summers ago as he drove down the west coast happily jamming along to jazz fusion. Now here I am going to see Steely Dan. I still don't like jazz fusion!

Donald Fagen and Walter Becker are insane. These dude audition 30 dudes for a 20 second solo. Their music can't be smoother- their lyrics are a total perv out and so dark. The Dan ( that's what I like to call them) has become popular as a supermarket radio type band when they have the most perv-o lyrics around. It's kind of amazing. They are the ultimate proof that if the tune is sweet, people will completely ignore, or never pay attention to begin with to what the songs about. I mean, probably.

Robin, my dad's GF says Donald Fagen looks like an ugly cousin of Alan's.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Monday, June 02, 2008

and she's a humorist

I'm ready for my career in "the arts". The career of a humorist, an artist, a writer, a public radio contributor. This is what so many people do.

I'm ready, Ira Glass. Feel free to call ( or email! ) me anytime. You seem to work wonders for these people.