Thursday, August 28, 2008

the big O

did anyone else have tears in their eyes as he walked out? They faded for the 45 thank yous, but started again as soon as he started talking.

Monday, August 25, 2008

things to do while I barely have a job

1. apply for jobs
2. un-clutter my desk and the shelf above my desk and my closet.
3.actually photocopy that book I was so into making like 4 months ago.
4. draw
5. consider a second cat. ( Nimoy, the boy)
6. listen to new tunes. ( I'm listening to Leisha Hailey's band Uh Huh Her on their myspace page right now. I'm not disappointed. I wasn't expecting much).

Friday, August 15, 2008

I haven't been making much art work at all lately. I have been reading, though. A LOT. I've been plowing through books in 2 days, a few days, barely over a week. So, maybe in like, a few months all of this stuff I'm cramming into my brain will come out as something? maybe? MAYBE?

Anyway a round up of the last two weeks;

Play It As It Lays by Joan Didion -
I am so blown away by her writing. Everytime. I've always been more into her essays, the only other fiction I read of hers was Democracy and it was OK. I wasn't super invested or interested.


OH, this book. Scary good, since it is about a woman having a nervous breakdown.
So spare so dead on so sad so harsh.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath -
Kept rolling with the women having break downs/going/feeling insane thing here. I had never read the Bell Jar - a crime, I know. Is this required reading in high school for most people? It seriously should be. Should be read back to back with the Catcher in the Rye, to put that (male) "teenage experience" book to shame. Seriously. Again, sad.Duh.

I feel like it really shows how totally alienating life is for smart young women. Everyone I know feels crazy all the time. Part of me was scared to get to the breakdown stuff afraid that it would ring too true but it ( I ) was OK.

Mia & Woody by Kristi Groetki ( da Nanny)
Megan's dad gave this book to her to give to me since he knew a friend of hers liked Woody Allen - i think? a few years ago. I didn't have anything to read so I scanned the shelves and picked this up. I've always tried to avoid the whole Soon-Yi thing since I love his movies so so much. I have never looked much into it at all, besides maybe a wikipedia page or something. Funny, since I am always the first person to point out what misogynist shmoes almost every artist is and finding was to discredit their work because of it. Oh well! Shakespeare hated jews!

Anyway, this shit is so fucked. I can't even believe it. The Nanny's writing is not very good. Especially in the beginning when it is mostly just her. By the time you're really in the shit it is almost all quotes and it's easy to skim over and parts too nanny snooze fest centric. Anyway,
poor Mia Farrow. I can't get over it really. Her boyf of 12 years - who always refused to marry or live with her - has an affair with her daughter, the sister of his children, which probably started her last year in high school, and she may have been 16 or 18, since her birth year is kind of unknown because of the whole adoption thing. She finds out by finding nude pictures of Soon-Yi spread eagle on Woody's mantle. Left out for anyone to see. If that isn't enough, good ol' Woody probably molested his own daughter, Dylan ( who has since changed her name to Eliza) who he adopted with Mia and who is this sister to his biological son and who was 7 at the time!!!! Because of confusing stuff, and probably because woody is woody it was sort of dropped in court as not having enough evidence to convict him....gross sick horrible!

the kids hate woody. Woody was SO WEIRD with all the kids. He adopted 2 with Mia and they had a biological son together. For some reason he never acknowledged one of his 3 kids. Only had photos of the 2 in his house..etc etc all of the kids were sort of messed up by him in some way.

Woody Says; "I think it was meant to be". Woof. It's really a crazy story but I think reading Mia's autobiography would be better...since the nanny is kind of..annoying.

And Mia really just seems wonderful. It is sad.

And then there is Ellen Willis' Beginning to See the Light; Sex, Hope and Rock and Roll.

I'm only jumping around to certain essays in it so far. She's a totally smart feminist rock critic and journalist. Her writing is funny and so smart and so awesome. I'm like, only a little into this so that's all I can say really. NEXT!

The Commitment by Dan Savage

I've been so into Dan Savage's Savage Love - the podcast, and the column the last few weeks. So I got this book too. I'm also not finished with it yet but predict I will be int he next day or so. A real Page Turnah.

It's about his boyfriend of 10 years, their 6 year old adopted son and pressures to get married. His Catholic mother is pressuring them to marry. His boyf doesn't want to get married because he doesn't want to "act like straight people" - though, he is a stay at home dad that does all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. And, their son is against gay marriage! so, it's totally full circle type thang, all of the viewpoints on gay marriage at once. An inspection of marriage it's self. What it really means. All of that. INTO IT!

oh, and I like a new band and I even ordered their CD!

Monday, August 11, 2008


There is an annoying party on the first floor of my building right now.

"Get Your Freak On"

I can't believe what annoying parties we've had here.

Sorry neighbors!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

so out of it

i have 5 big pen marks on my arm. you know the ones when a rolling ball pen sits on paper too long? it makes blobs. circles.

i have 5 of them. i didn't realize it was poking into my arm. 5 times.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Notes on Bruce

He is an insane man! Nearly 3 and a half hours of a show with no break. He and the E Street Band really deserve all the props they get for that.

Going in knowing it will be 3 hours + is a little daunting. But, he works it. It's not boring. It's not too long, really.

It sort of goes with out saying that he is really amazing. A total performer.

He played the hits. Not too many new album notreallysogreatatall songs. The Highlights for me were Because the Night (even though Patti's version is totally better. It really kind of bothers me how he forces that song into being a "Bruce" song by mentioning working in the first verse. Not needed!!!) and The Promise Land. Oh and OK, I guess Badlands, and Born to Run, Rosalita, etc etc

The guitarist with the bad sideburns did a flip while soloing.

The Bruce Patti love song chemistry I really don't like. It feels so forced.

Not much story telling from the Boss. Straight tunes really.

One thing that is a little weird -how he tries to hold on to his youth. He wants it so bad. He wears 5 necklaces, tight jeans ( and it's so obvious the camera peeps are directed to get shots of his butt in his jeans), the earing, the soul patch. The moves he does. If you thought about it too long it'd be uncomfortable. But he'd play a really good song before that happened so he kind of gets off the hook.

His mic stand is drilled into the stage so he can hang off it, lean on it, swing on, make sexual poses on it. It doubles as a striptease pole.

But he is great. All 50,000 people there truly love him. And he sold out how many shows?2 weeks? of this in 10 minutes. He's got something.

The worst part of the show was the guy behind us.
1- he kept smoking. it is no smoking!!
2- he came into our row and danced with Joan and I during one song. Fine. Then he put his arms around us, made me feel uncomfortable and wouldn't leave. He had really bad lines like " I didn't think you were a good dancer but you are!" or "let's see some more booty shaking please!" eventually I asked him to stop it directly. He said he was trying to make me have fun. Why do some people think they can touch strangers and try to force them to act like themselves? I have no idea.

He ALMOST ruined Dancing in the Dark in which Joan and I did the Courtney Cox dance the entire way through. But he came in too late. And that is just so fun even he couldn't ruin it.

Oh and it should really be mentioned that the man can make the most horrible faces. His singing face is truly hilarious.