Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Day Before You Came

Just forget about the fact that John McCain loves ABBA and groove on it.

the video is pretty bad.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

beginning to see the light

I have been reading Ellen Willis lately. I can only hope that someday I will be able to write or make anything that makes sense and is as articulate, purposeful, smart/funny as her essays.

Sadie just did a real somersault and then landed in cleaning butt position. More proud of her everyday...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh, Sylvia.

Sylvia the movie sucks. It is really unfortunate. I kept telling Megan while we were watching it that I'm going to re-make the movie. Maybe!

It really should have been called "Ted". The movie was more focused on Sylvia Plath's husband, poet Ted Hughes, than on Sylvia, or even kind of trying to accurately represent her as a person or a writer.

The movie starts hours before she meets Ted Hughes with only glib mentions of her past. Her "downward spiral" is really only shown in comparison to her husband, his affairs, and probably abuse ( not that we would really know since he destroyed her journals from the last months of her life and has made sure nothing too horrible she wrote about him has really been published). Oh, and her journals weren't even a part of the movie. They were a big part of her life since age 11, but they didn't really make the cut.

I also hated how they had her wear pink for the first 40 minutes of the movie and then brown and green when she was "losin' it".

Director Christine Jeffs and writer John Brownlow had an agenda making this movie.

My version will be totally opposite. That's my pitch.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Vicky Christina Barcelona

I do my best writing while I am walking to work and about to fall asleep. Of course, I never actually write it so maybe it isn’t good. I can just think it is without having to read it later and feel embarrassed and wonder why I inappropriately use commas,like, always.


I know that it really isn’t fair to bring an artists personal life to their work. To use it to discredit them, or to celebrate them. And of course Woody Allen has repeatedly said his movies have nothing to do with his private life whatsoever.


Husbands and Wives* was produced and released at the peak of Woody and Mia’s breakup. It was made while he was boning Soon-Yi. It mirrors their life so much that he really can’t say that one has nothing to do with his life. But he does. Mia Farrow’s character wanting kids, Woody smooching 19 year olds, being excited by the prospect of being with them. The fights. The divorce. Come on. So I feel I can hold WA’s life up to the light with Vicky Christina. SO basically, Woody wasn’t happy with Mia, He isn’t happy with Soon-Yi(I’m just guessing!) . What now?

I will unfairly say this; to me, Vicky Christina Barcelona is Woody kind of giving up. He wants it all but he is admitting that the exciting 16 year olds, get old, the talented, stable, caring partners( I am talking about Mia Farrow here, not the Rebecca Hall character she just came off kind of predicable and depressing) get boring and nothing works. There is always the “what if..” the uncertainty. “Love is only romantic if it cannot be” or whatever. Which is fine. A point worthy of exploration.

But, I feel like he just used his power as Woody Allen to explore his fantasies of “love” he wishes he could pursue. It leaves all of the relationships in the movie feeling kind of empty. Totally contrived, giving no one any credit and using stereotypes all along the way. Love never works, Scarlett, Penelope, please make out now.

Scarlet Johansson’s performance was horrible. Penelope Cruz owned the screen. She is beautiful.

Too much linen.

Woody seems to really hate the USA.

And a bunch of other things.

This really does not make as much sense as it does when I write it before falling asleep. Maybe I’ll edit it around 1am.

* Husbands and Wives, I thought was a really good movie about some of the same things. Just saying.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I just finished reading what I had been referring to as the most embarrassing book I've ever read. I am Spock by Leonard Nimoy.

The book reads kind of like a letter. or Maybe more like an e-mail. A really long email from stellar dude Leonard Nimoy. At first I thought it was too cheesy to really read. He has conversations with Spock throughout...

Now that I've finished I feel a little sad. I'm going to miss Nimoy. He is such a sweet, smart, feminist man.It was so nice having him around every night before sleeping. I am now 100% a Nimoy fan. I love Mr. Spock and Leonard Nimoy respectively. By the chapter on him directing Three Men and a Baby* I was so into it that I wasn't even kind of embarrassed to be reading it in public.

He thinks that Spock's "power" over women lies in his ears. I have to disagree, though they certainly help. It is his posture, his unwavering logic, then the ears. His trim figure helps too.

*oh,hey PHS hometown hero Steve Guttenberg?

Sunday, September 07, 2008


glad to hear Heart was as upset as I was about their song being used for Palin.


Monday, September 01, 2008

The Olfactory Factor

I think the smell of Earl Gray tea is the best smell. A perfume of that scent would be a good idea. I might even wear it and I never wear spray on scents.

I haven't been able to drink coffee ( or stay in direct sunlight for more than 15 min!) because of the medicine I am taking. Normally I hate not drinking coffee - though I think I could get used to earl gray. That smell in the morning...