Wednesday, January 28, 2009

are you mental? Get the net!

update -

today there was no water on my bed at all. Still a mystery has to what happened. It was just totally normal water, though, because it dried without leaving any kind of spot. It must be the cats but I can't figure out how.

"I wish I could boldly go where no man has gone before, but I'll probably just stay in Aurora".

I am in full hibernation mode and I love it. I am going out to the movies but I feel like that doesn't count. Megan and I are starting our run of movies marketed towards women today ( RR, Confessions of a Shopaholic and, my favorite, He's Just Not That Into You). I didn't want to type out chick flick because I hate it so much. but I did.

I know RR doesn't really count. That's more in the Oscars batch. And I feel guilty, but, I'm just not that interested in seeing Slumdog. I Know I'm Supposed To Want To.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This morning I woke up and there was a huge wet spot towards the bottom of my bed against the wall. It's not cat pee, because that smells horrible, this smells like nothing. Water? It doesn't seem to have come from a leak in the ceiling because nothing on the wall is wet. I'm like, totally positive I didn't dump water on my bed. I'm freaked out by this!!!

I feel like the cats must have done it, but i can't imagine how. Or, of course a stalker murderer! Or some Rosemary's Baby shit. I have no idea!!

if you have any idea how this may have happened. let me know.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

44 is my favorite number

What did you do yesterday for the inaug? Pat, Regina and I had a multi-course drinks event.

soy lattes ( Devon, did I tell you I got a (soy) milk frother at ikea for 1.99 and it totally works!!?) for the oaths and then mimosas for the speech. Water throughout.

After it was over I felt crazy for watching TV for so long during the day. Started early. We waited forever for that parade to start and as far as I'm concerned it never did because the TV was off.

but, um, The Neighborhood Ball? That was so bizarre!!!

First I will say that I think Michelle looked better than Beyonce.

And then I will say that I started crying when I saw Mary J was there singing because I was so happy for her, and I guess myself and the world, but mostly Mary.

But most importantly....Ray Romano.



did you see that? it was horrible! it went on for so long! I was laughing so hard. His jokes weren't even jokes or there. It was so awkward. it was horrible!!!! "Did they get a dog yet?"

Rivers was on Terri Gross today and I was kind of expecting him to be a total a-hole. A few months ago I saw weezer on an ad for show on the subway and I couldn't believe how dumb they all looked. Even Brian Bell, who I thought was so cute in high school. I have skipped the last 3 albums I think. Anyway, R wasn't really an A hole, just a little, i dont know. weird. I still don't want to listen to his "alone" cds. like, at all. Jamie, though, I will listen to that over and over. Yes, please. And NPR played maybe my favorite weezer song - the World has Turned and Left me Here. That or Across the Sea, of course. This doesn't even kind of matter.

my whole life smells like cats.

Monday, January 19, 2009

LiLo/ sorry, this is kind of weird.

So, I'm reading Lindsay Lohan's blog on myspace and she totally summed up, for me, why she (and I) blog. (we're really similar!!!)

"all in all-they should just stop asking altogether, once and for all if she and i are broken up because frankly, if we ever ever did.... i would say it before they could even think of asking. i'd say it here probably... i say everything here on myspace. okay. well, i hope that all the gossip magazines and sites, and lurkers read this cuz it's not true. ahh! i love myspace because i can just write, and i love writing, and i can prove all the liars wrong... wow- the people that make shit up must really feel silly, embarrassed, out of stories, scr*w*d, f*ck*d, punk'd, and so much more. because, i can use myspace and just let everyone know what's really going on. which is so much more fun! cuz now, people can get to know the REAL me. yay!"

I'm not really making fun of her. I kind of like her for no reason.

I saw Pineapple Express this weekend and did like it. James Franco looks ugo in it but is also so cute. I really like James Franco. The other day I google image searched pictures of him and he totally had a goatee a bunch of them.Or he looked kind of, I don't know, Lame. Like, he thought he was really hot stuff. REALLY? Do I always just look past that?I've been talking about James Franco a lot lately. Maybe a little too much and kind of making some people feel uncomfortable. Seth Rogan is funny, I guess. I just don't really like him. I think because his character on Freaks and Geeks was the worst. And Knocked Up was so annoying to me. I still hate Judd Apatow. A weirdly conservative perv. TOTALLY.

When my (and pat & caitlin's) future HBO hit series "Post Collegiate Life" gets picked up, I think I want to make a character named Judd Apatow.Maybe the character that I'll play ( me). That role is going to make me the next Tina Fey and Pat's role is going to make him the next Tracy Morgan. I said that the other night. Just repeating jokes here, is all.

Anyway, just putting it out there, guys!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

suck it

I love Tina Fey so much. When I watched the video of her telling people on the internet to suck it at the Golden Globes I almost started crying.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I don't lamember

I think my favorite memory of something that didn't happen to me but happened to a friend and they told me about it is a Hagen Daz commerical making Caitlin cry. I think about that like, all the time.

Monday, January 05, 2009

a big news update

that whole postcard thing has been FIXED. if you want to download the postcard you could do that here.

also, Spock is out from under the tub and the happiest most affectionate cat I've ever know ( for now). He's not interested in his collar at all and we're about to take a sweet trip to the Vet! He & Sadie will probably "meet" tonight. I know everyone is very interested in this.

just listening to Womanizer before work

and checking out the postcard for the BAC show that has my artwork on it.

Let's zoom in on the back and check out my name...

Oh, cool. My image is attributed to someone else. OF COURSE! cool.

totally of course. Oh well, I guess. I totally emailed them. a PISSED ARTIST.

"you say I'm crazy, I've got ya crazy"