Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mr. Form

In case you were wondering who I had a crush on in high school it was this guy:

Mr. Formisano. A Math teacher that I actually never had. I had friends that had him and they would take pictures of him for me. I would also take pictures myself of him like, walking down the hallway in between classes or something. Not as good. Wish I could remember who took this one..

I started looking for some of these pictures because I was talking to Devon about how great Freaks & Geeks was. We both loved James Franco ( duh) and Bill. Mr. Form looks exactly like Bill, but a grown up. See?
My best friend Kerri got tutored in math by Mr. Form for a while. I was so jealous. I'd always say I was going to leave my weird pictures of him around before he came over.

Mr. Form ended up getting engaged to the totally adorable bio teacher Ms. something. I found out when an incredibly weird Spanish teacher announced it to the class. I said "WHAT?!" out loud which was really out of character for me. I was voted "Most Shy", you know.

One time he was walking behind me on the stairs and he was holding his tie up and humming the Star Wars song. So, it probably would have never worked.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Amok Thyme

Caitlin, when we open up a Vego Farm Restaurant can we call it Amok Thyme?

if that never happens I will just make a blog called Amok Thyme and blog about eating dinner alone watching Star Trek every night.

Friday, February 20, 2009

the blirst/makin' sneeps

omg this week has been so bad! the worst! for you too, right? Joan said it was a weird week.

I had a wake, I ate really weirdly because I wasn't home all that much, my cat is still half sick,my vet bill is more than my checking account, I keep being really forgetful with work and even more important with my health insurance ( which, let's face it I will probably be denied again because of my pre existing blood disorder!!!)

I did get those new Lincoln stamps, though.

my co worker: He looks so different in all of them
me: he's growing up!!


I am getting a new bed.

A NEW BED. You've probably sat on or laid down on my bed so you know it is the worst bed. You can feel the springs. I've been sleeping on it for 5 years like that!! It came from my dad's girlfriend's cousin's basement. Who knows how long it had been there and that house it totally haunted!

My bed is coming at some point between 3:15pm - 5:15 pm. So I get to leave work early and then lay down on a new bed all night. ALL NIGHT. It's bigger - a full. It's firm. It was seriously on sale for prez day wknd!

Thanks Abe! Thanks for nothing Washington!!

I really don't like George Washington and I have no reason besides that I hate the way he looks.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

young abe the babe

Happy 200th Birthday to Abe Lincoln!!

What a guy. If I think about his assassination I'll start crying at work and freak out the interns. It's so depressing.

Abe Celebration Marathon coming up! soonish!
The Savage Curtain
Young Mr Lincoln - aka young Abe, the babe.

Also, maybe we can find a recording of Sarah Vowell reading the Gettysburg Address? I feel like she's probably the closest to what he actually sounded like...NOT that guy who is my fave from Law & Order..what's his name?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lyfe on hold & James Franco

I put everything on HOLD this week. Sadie is sick. No word on what it actually is....tests..
It's totally depressing. Her eyes look like a star trek TOS alien. It takes so long to give her her meds - though, Joan's been helping me and we're getting pretty good!

So, no HJNTIY this week. I've been making up for that by reading a COSMO and watching Gossip Girl and 90210. That's all the same deomgraphic, right? Just desperate to understand the other sex especially if it involves rules that make no sense. Cosmo taught me how to de-code things men say.

This is it:
Everything they say actually means the worst, meanest thing it could possibly mean. "you look weird".

Anyway I'll probs see HJNTIY on Tues or Wed because on Monday....


I'm probably going to see him in person on Monday. I'M GONNA FAINT!!!

He's talking at Regina's school. And, yeah, it's a "students only" thing but she's going to try & sign me in.

I have to go!! I will be so embarrassed the entire time.

I actually wrote a whole post about how much I am seriously into him right now a few weeks ago but then deleted it. Sometimes you have to do that.


he is in Mike's Post Modernism class at Brooklyn College!!!! He just gave a solid presentation!!
Unless I just got punked via text message.


He is right now #1 on my main best celeb crush list. Young Harold Ramis, MKW, Anjelica Houston.

sorry, Alan!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

the first time I've seen them sleeping together. Totally cute.

A bad cat day, still. Sadie is sick. Was at the vet, got some antibiotics. She's just not that into having them shot into her mouth. Her eyes are messed up and it's unsettling. Hopefully, these meds will work.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

where are all the leaves anyway? I feel like I'm in hell

Simultaneously making Potato and Kale enchiladas with roasted chile sauce and fudgy no bake cookies and looking up recipes for veg Tom Yum soup.

i'm going clayzy.

Caitlin and I were saying cooking is a creative thing. It is it really is. It can be hard to convince yourself of that, though.

always thinking "what should I make for dinner"?

Friday, February 06, 2009

do you love it?

You know when you get tricked into doing some "interview"? And then you say something dumb about your art and just talk about Obama. Kind of like what a joke of an artist would be on some funny show? ( post collegiate lyfe? 30 rock?) And then you can't sleep? And your cats are there?

I HATE IT! I already feel so embarrassed. Never another interview in my life!

I wish I just said this-

"Do you love it?

Do you love it?"

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


for twinblogspot.blogspot.com

coming soon! Like, whenever I write about RR and Megan checks her email next. That's when it'll exist!

* - Dio, always

Monday, February 02, 2009

kitty half time show

I went to a super bowl party last night and was lucky enough to have Puppy Bowl V put on for me in another room. I had such a hard time deciding which puppy to vote MVP for so I just didn't.


my Mom totally won "boxes" from the super bowl!!!
Her & a friend went halfsies on a box at this restaurant down the block from her house and they won!!!

I only actually watched the last "2 minutes" of the SB. I think maybe I don't really like watching sports because time means nothing to them. I decided I was rooting for the Steelers then, and made them win, obvi. I think every person in the room were all for the Cardinals. Didn't stick around for the Office. If it was 30 Rock I totally would have!