Monday, March 30, 2009

Unusual You.

Star Trek the Motion Picture (movie #1) is the most boring movie of all time. I challenge you to find a more boring movie. It took two tries, falling asleep both times, to get through the movie this weekend. Was it good? I don't know, not really. Did I like it? I think so. Spock looked great once he got his haircut. And he cries...which makes me think we could have a future. I think he realizes he needs someone (me) to love and get a little emotion out with. Otherwise he would just be a machine probe that shoots lightning bolts at computers. Or something. Thanks again to Brit for writing Spock a love song for me! I love it!

Also, the dad from 7th Heaven ( how I picture both Brian Lehrer and Leonard Lopate to look) is in ST:TMP..and the mom from 7th Heaven is in ST IV!!! She goes out to eat with Kirk and it is really weird.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adventure Land

I've kind of cared about the AdventureLand movie posters for two reasons:
1- AdventureLand is the name of the amusement park on Long Island that I would go to growing up. (so shitty)
2 - Martin Starr ( Bill!!) Is in it and actually looks kind of cute. I was really disappointed when I realized he was the beard guy in Knocked Up. I thought he just grew up to be a normi/bearded asshole. But, he is still cute. So no worries

SO When I was looking up pictures of MS last night I read an interview with him. He seems pretty much like your average nerdish 26 year old. BUT he said the movie is based off of this place called ADVENTURELAND IN LONG ISLAND WHERE THE DIRECTOR USED TO WORK!!

AdventureLand is a LI staple and so, so horrible. These are my AL memories;

1. When I was somewhere between 6-8 years old I was on the kiddie rollercoaster there with my cousin Lauren* and it broke down. We were stuck on it for what seemed like forever but I'm guessing was probably just a half hour. There were this little sideways turns it did and it was on one of those. AND when I was a little younger a dumbass dumbo ride broke when I was on it. Stuck in the air.

2. The Haunted House. Let me just say that I HATE pretty much all haunted houses/hayrides whatever. I hate them. I just can't deal with it. But this one was so shitty and I would have looked so lame if I didn't go on it,so I would. I pretty much always closed my eyes the entire time and it was really dark so whoever I was with in the little cart didn't have to know that. The squirted you with water at some point. The haunted tree would say "Chainsaws? My idea of fun is (not?) being chased around by a guy with a chainsaw!!!"

3. The Pirate Ship. I barfed on this ride. Just a little and in my hands and next to my CRUSH! Mike Glock!

4. There was this ride called SURF DANCE that was the best ride. One time when I went there with my friend Kati though I started to get really freaked out on it. So we sang "Pretty Woman" in order to get through it.

5. The Rollercoaster was so busted I can't believe no one has died on it. Have they?

That's pretty much it. I don't like theme/amusement parks at all.

*this is a video of my cousin Lauren playing bass for Hannah Montana!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mick Fleetwood must be a trekkie because he plays one of these things in an episode of TNG. He even shaved off his beard for the role!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.

Honest Abe Lincoln Movie Marathon March 15, 2009

To kick things off I accidentally emailed an old professor instead of a friend with a similar name to invite them to the event. Whoops!

Matt hung up a bunch of arts in the hallway for a sweet show. His work makes our entire apartment look nicer.

I made an Abe's Top Hat dark chocolate cake. Presidente, of course!

how much 'stros? So much 'stros. 'Stros even gave us free guac and a half bag of chips! Big Lincoln Supporters.

Pat gave a presentation of his hit Abe comic.

Everyone ate too much while watching the most boring of the works: The Passersby. An episode of the Zone where Abe makes a cameo in the last 2 minutes.

The Savage Curtain? A hit. I guess also the most offensive representation of Abe in the marathon. Kirk's hero! Didn't you know?

The first half of Young Mr Lincoln was my favorite movie. The second half ( courtroom) was good, but also kind of boring. I caught a few people snoozin'. He is hilarious.


"Law. This is....Law!"

The image of Abe laying down with his legs up on a tree and reading law books is probably my favorite image and I want it to be my desk top background.

He taught himself law by reading books?! Get it!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Embracing my Irish heritage

by having some green bagels and irish coffee this morning...


I hate the green bagels. I think they're disgusting.

I tried to make irish soda bread last night, just 'cause. It is hideous and not very good.

Monday, March 16, 2009

never break the chair.

I saw saw Fleetwood Mac at the Nassau Colliseum on Friday and it was so much better than I thought it would be. It was great, actually.

My first thought - OMG Laura's Mick Fleetwood impression is perfect. It is so dead on!!!!

this was the "HITS UNLEASHED TOUR". All of them completely unleashed.

A big bummer: no Christine. My total fave.

The biggest Bummer: "Sara" SUCKED. I was so psyched and not very good.

They really sounded good for the most part. I was Feelin' It.

I'm kind of obsessed with Stevie Nicks now.

This is my brain: So who exactly did she date? Everyone? I heard Tom Petty but I"m not seeing him on Who's dated Who.

Witch-ay Woman. She dedicated Landslide to one of her "all time favorite rock and roll women, Alicia Keys", who was there. It used to be her dad's song. But Alicia Keys got it that night.

I can't tell if it's awesome or kind of sad that she tries to wear the same clothes/ have the same-ish look as when she was the most ultimate babe. She looks good! I wasn't into her bangs though- very math teacher. A lot of costume changes into pretty much the same exact outfit. A top hat here and there. A gold shrug for Gold Dust Woman. Which, I just found out is my dad's fave Mac song. FYI.

they were selling a shirt...ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN.

Most of the crowd seemed to care less that they were there. At all. Until the worst..Don't Stop.

Kind of played up all of their effed up relationships a few times. A little weird. A lot of Stevie/Lindsey split screen on the BIG SCREENS.

Mick Fleetwood was wearing amazing little red shoes.

John McVie was basically hiding under a blanket. Not interested in fighting the rest for attention.

What I wanted to happen and didn't:
Linsdey singing Oh, Daddy.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

soft dive of oblivion

Freddie: im listening to 3eb - 3eb
i was riding my bike this morning SCREAMING the lyrics to how's it gonna be
bc the cars were just insane and driving me nuts!
Sent at 2:47 PM on Sunday

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wayne's World

I have pretty much no interest in Lil' Wayne. I liked watching this video for about 2 minutes and mostly just for him saying "Wayne's World, Party Time- Ecstacy!" and "Typical Day .."and thinking REALLY?. But it is just depressing and annoying. Kind of like Weezy. And you know what? I still kind of fear for his life even though I can't stand the dude.

I heard him TOTALLY late in the game. I kept hearing he was the best rapper. I was in the car with my brother, driving to my dad's house and some bullllshiiit* was in the radio and I ask him, "What in the hell is this?" and he was all "Nen!! This is Lil Wayne how do you not know who he is?" And I did know I just hadn't heard it. He said something really disgusting about getting a blow job in that little bit I heard and I made my brother feel embarrassed by asking if he understood what he just said, and was that OK?

BUT How did he get the best rapper alive title? Totally undeserving. Clearly, that belongs to Jay. Who is so incredible and hilarious that I am able to look past his misogynist songs for a minute which is really rare for me! I don't give him a pass. I would really, really like to talk to him about it. And also talk to him about how I draw basically the same way he rhymes and see how he feels about that. Anyway, to me, Lil Wayne sounds like a very stoned person being coaxed to freestyle at some party from hell by a bunch of other very stoned people who think it is amazing.

Also, Mrs. Officer offends me!! REALLY.I know it isn't cool to be offended but I am all of the time!!! The whole thing - that chorus..ugh...
And I feel like an Aulde Maid for even writing this - but seriously, the Lady Cop is a woman with authority and power over Weez - who then declares himself the boss and has her wearing handcuffs and heels and sounding like siren. That Chorus!

Also, he made this song.


Just brushing off my shoulders now and going to sleep.

I will say though, that I did kind of like the remix of a Milli, a Billi. Which is by my man, obviously.

* I can't beleive it but I couldn't find a clip of Daniels saying "This is some bullshit". I had to go to Clay Davis. Am I just bad at youtube?

Friday, March 06, 2009


Feeling kind of brain dead all week. But... Pat Barrett has really out done himself this time! Lincoln comic. Pat's going to do a reading of this at the marathon. Is that cool, pdids?

Also - there are more bloggers in Clinton Hill than anywhere else in this big dumb city. What's up with that? Flake dogs?

AND, I guess I probably should have known this, but I am Not Spock is so far pretty much the exact same book as I am Spock only with less Nimoy/Spock convos.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


I have been watching MAD MEN and I really like watching it but I also think it is kind of weird. Every character acts so strange. What's up with that? Close to the end of season 2. No spoilers, Pat!!!!

What's the deal with the flash theme song thang? It's horrible. And it's kind of September 11th, right?

Joan Halloway makes me want to buy all "new" vintage fitted dresses and really make my strengths sing. But I have no money so I will just continue dressing like a crum bum.

I can't stand Peter. He is so horrible. I can't even think about him. What a wienie. OMG I hate him!

Don Draper, or Don the Draper is a total A-hole but he's so dapper that I love him. And he is kind of a good guy, too.

The show kind of looses me when it spends too much time on Don's past and what have you, even though he is a total babe.

Every time I decide I think one of the guys are OK they do something horrible.
"He's a good guy". Next scene - he is cheating on his wife & being gross.
"He is like the only decent guy in the office". Next scene - He tackles a secretary and pulls up her skirt to see what color underwear she is wearing.

Betty Draper basically lives underwater or something. She is so unpredictable.

Peggy is great but..the end of season 1? That was bizarre. For a while there it seemed like an Eddie Murphy movie with her.

I guess it is true. It is a GOOD SHOW.

Also, Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Forget it. That was really bad. That guy is great in F&G but can't really carry a whole stupid Apashmoe movie. The only thing I knew about the movie before seeing it was there was FULL FRONTAL ...TWICE. Which was, let's face it, pretty gross. I laughed at one joke and it was when he said someone looked like a gigantic baby. That's only because that is one of my favorite things to say.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Live long and prosper - L'Chaim

Yesterday I said this to Joan: "I really wish I had I am Not Spock, too". Joan was like "yeah".

Today this truly amazing miracle happened:

I am having breakfast at John's with Matt & Joan and Matt asks whether or not I had I am Not Spock. And I'm like, oh that's so weird. I was just telling Joan how I really want it even though it's kind of crazy since I have the other one.

He pulls it out of his bag! found at the salvation army yesterday. I am so, so happy. I'm basically ready to throw out every other book I was reading, or even own. I'm set!

I only read one page but it mentioned Abe. This is the amazing premise of his autobio #1 "If he is not Spock, who is? If he is not Spock, who is he?"

There is a picture of him in 1968 holding a cat. I want to get that picture blown up to poster size and make it my art or my best friend. Another pet. Something.

I think tomorrow I will finally mail my letter/copy of that book I made to Leonard Nimoy. It has been addressed & stamped sitting on my desk for about 4 months. Kind of nervous about it. Why? He will probably never even receive it!

That is what is directly above my desk. My daily inspiration - Jay-Z drinking wine and watching I am Legend and James Franco spotted at his 30th Bday party, staying sober among fountains of absinthe (wtf?). And of course MARY! who is truly an inspiration to me all of the time. I love her.

Monday, March 02, 2009

live blogging from Snow Day @ 159

Had to make the decision - will I get personal on this shit? Share stressful and traumatic things? The answer is No.

So, moving right along I had a Snow Day today because the kids of the woman I work for today had a snow day. Joan had a snow day and so did Regina.

I have drank coffee and sat on the internet for a few hours. Told Joan about how I'm worried about Ben Affleck after seeing HJNTIY. He seems totally depressed. Megan says:he is depressed because he has an ugly baby.

Megan also said : James Franco is crush #1. Barack Obama is crush #2.


My main thing for today is working on making a veganized Mary Todd Lincoln white cake for the Last VCR.

"I'm ready to go right now I'm ready to go right now"

R&B hits of the last year are pumpin'. American Boy is still my favorite. Kanye is so strange. I'm upset with him for suggesting people should give C. Brown a break. Hell no.

Smells like my building is burning down.

The best Freaks and Geeks clip is this one.

The best song is this one.