Thursday, April 30, 2009

Multi Tasking

Baking a cake for Intern Appreciation Day and my only co-worker's last day ( very jealous), making dinner, watching 90210 and then Pineapple Express. All while sewing a 16 foot banner. Which is mostly DONEZO(ish)

PE - We both zone out the fighting scenes and love the just riffin' scenes. Whatevs.

"James Franco is so cute".

or baby Multi Tasking - sewing while watching ANTM. Which mostly makes you stare directly at the TV with your mouth agape. Fo is the prettiest, Ameniat is the most awesome awesome awesome, but stinks at posing and Allison is totes going to win out of nowhere. Celia is pSyChO. that's for Devon in case she hasn't seen this season. Since she "doesn't have a TV".

And anyway, we have a car for Megan to drive us to RI.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I saw Martha Stewart yesterday. At Pratt for free "lecturing". It would have been monumentally disappointing if we didn't get the free Martha mags at the end. She is insane and great. How does she do everything? Right?

She mostly just said -- "I sell this, and this, this is very successful, I have a lot of houses"

Which is fine, I'd probably say that if I had a lot of houses.

She made some good jokes, showed lots of pictures of her pets, which I respect, but an overall disappointment.

Do you know who didn't disappoint me?

YOKO ONO. When I saw her whenever that was. A month ago.

Friday, April 24, 2009

come over and check up on it

Yesterday I was walking down the street to go to This American Life Live! (on screen in a movie theater - cried 3 times at least, fyi. My norm for a typical TAL show) and I walked by the SVA Theater, which had flashing lights saying OBSESSED PREMIERE! I thought it was some kind of really weird fake premiere for SVA kids or something. I peeked through the crowd and I saw..BEYONCE! She was glowing and sparkling and looked amazing. And also fake since she was just standing there posing for the cams. I pulled out my cell phone but was too excited so I kept hitting the wrong button - turning the volume up on my phone instead of bringing up the camera phone. The I sent a group text:

I just saw Beyonce.

I was disappointed for a minute that I didn't get to see Stringer Bell and also that Jay wasn't with her but I got over it immediately just thinking about glistening Beyonce.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

doin' thangs

We were not punk'd.

Megan and I have a show in....3 weeks at Dirt Palace in Providence. In a big-azz window.

so until then we're going to be busy doin' thangs

Can I live?

*Alan discovered the doin' thangs image sometime a while ago.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Everclear Art

Just not in the groove right now is all.

I have maybe blogged one time in my head in the last few weeks but then immediately forgot about it. Probably about Martin Starr who is very much on my Radar. AdventureLand was pretty good and totes emo. I liked it. It should have been set on LI.

What's important is that I made this Everclear Art to mail to Caitlin a few weeks ago:

I think if you didn't like Everclear when you were younger it is actually impossible to start liking them. You'll just make fun of how every song starts dun dun. dun dun dun dun dun dun. Whatever. Let's just leave this place/and go to Summerland.

That art is made from glitter. As if you couldn't tell. It is glimmering and sparkling and not fading.

I'm ringing in420 by gluing strips of paper from my lyfe together. Receipts and bank things. For a show Megan and I were asked to do but we think we may be getting Punk'd - which would be really mean.

"No one really gives a FUCK about us anyway!!!" Do you know that part?

Forget about 'em we can loose them in the sparkle and fade.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Last night I sat on a pear in a bag. By accident. It was more gross than that sounds.