Thursday, May 28, 2009

NEVER break the chair

I just did the craziest thing ever done. I did my laundry BEFORE going to work!

Tomorrow I am going to North Hamptonish,MA for 5 days for da new job. Then going to Rhode Island for "art work" work. I just realized yesterday this is leaving me working 2 weeks with NO WEEKENDS! oh well.

Never Break the Chair. one of my fave Adam Davies song parodies.


Just Like A Prayer/I Wanna Braid Your Hair.

Monday, May 18, 2009



I have a full time job now. Well, like in a few weeks or whatever.


Sunday, May 17, 2009


Currently on view at the Dirt Palace
an installation by Jen May & Megan Thomas-Melly
12-14 Olneyville Square
Providence, RI
until the end of the first week of June. We Think.

24/7 because it is a window.
CAN I LIVE? This small phrase can act as a defense or a demand for permissibility. In what can feel at times like a big bad world, all you need to ask is "CAN I LIVE?" and almost immediately it seems as though the permission is granted, the space has been carved out for the taking. Try it, it won't let you down. Artists Jen May & Megan Thomas-Melly have created a mixed media installation based on this premise.

yeah right

The New Yorker film critics have the worst taste in babes. They don't get it.

David Denby described Martin Starr as I think it was "morosely unattractive" and Anthony Lane in his snarky baby review of Trek says something like "Leonard Nimoy, who these days makes Bella Lugosi look like Zac Effron". Really?

Yeah, right!

They're both so cute. GET OVER IT!

Monday, May 11, 2009

twin g chat

Megan: maybe he'd want to buy our banner from us for a milli
me: i hope so
it would go above the bed he & beyonce make sleeps in
Megan: he could hang it above his and beyonce's bed
me: ah!!

A thought

this is an actual thought that I had today:

I wonder if Zachary Quinto recycles?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Are you out of your Vulcan mind?

The Star Trek movie is awesome!!!! If you haven't seen it yet, why not?
It's mostly for non trekkies so you'll love it. And if you love trek you'll love the little jokes.

and if you saw it on the first day in IMAX everyone will clap when you first see the Enterprise.

I have my problems with it (why is Spock so wrong? and a brat?How is it possible for KIRK to be more likeable than SPOCK. face tats on the Romulans? etc) but I LOVED watching it!

Nimoy is so cute. like an old dog with a droopy face that is so cute.

more later . I haven't slept in days. just letting you know you should see it.

also, Lt. little slut.

I don't talk about other women that way! but, really.