Monday, June 29, 2009

Where I'm at in life

I LOVE Gossip Girl. I wish Chuck Bass would go to Europe to buy things that he would surprise me with by setting up my ultimate perfect dream night prom romantic life. I didn't go to my prom but CB would know what to do.

I think I want to start playing lotto.


gossip gorn

Thursday, June 25, 2009


of a Shopaholic was so boring. Like, really boring. I was the first person on netflix to watch the dvd I watched because it came out on TUESDAY.

Confessions of my life: Martin Starr's twitter is one of my first 3 or 4 websites I check. INCLUDING MY EMAIL. I don't even have twitter. I think it is pretty clear that if I did have one it would be really good. Anyway, reading his twitter is just reading one half of convos he has with fans. It seems like he replies to every person who tweets @ him (or whatever). Which makes me think....maybe...

Also I watched every episode of Party Down. Started only because of MS in it. And he is a total perv in it. And, like I told Megan and Regina like, 3 hours ago, I hate when I remember that pretty much every dude is actually a perv. That is something that I cannot understand and imagine isn't true most of my life. Then I watch a Starz TV show on the internet and remember and I hate it. It was really funny every time Martin Starr talked about being into Hard Sci Fi though. And a guest appearance by George Takei. Could I ask for anything more?

Leonard Nimoy.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Everclear cover band.

A building collapsed down the block from me today. Yeah, I went to The Ave to buy toilet paper and to check it out and it is terrifying!!! That is one of my biggest fears about my own building that I kind of forgot about for a while. It might collapse!

Also, you have probably noticed that the US Open is in my home town. Uh huh. Yah 2nd time. I had to watch some golf today for fathers day. Golf, what a snooze fest. I told my brother he should be a professional golfer or SOMETHING so he can give me $$$$ when he makes it big.

On Friday we listened to so much Everclear and Caitlin wants to start and Everclear cover band and I do too. And it is called Drug Zeppelin or You Make Me Feel Like a Whore. Obviously. I also think that our cover band should be a collaborative art project were we give each other Everclear art and say it is a cover band. that IS happening. I want to pull out some awesome Everclear lyrics here but I'm listening to Sara by Fleetwood Mac and I just can't think of any.
"yeah, i like it when you talk to me"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just incase The Secret is real..

Can everyone in the world think positive thoughts about me getting into the Brooklyn Museum's paid Museum Education internship? And if not that..the MoMA one. But mostly BM.

K thanks!!!!!!


That can be so hard.

Friday, June 12, 2009

55 days of dumber

OMG. I've just spent 20 minutes trying to watch the trailer for the movie 500 Days of Summer that looks kind of annoying to me. In a way that makes me REALLY want to watch the trailer and probably see it! It just won't play. Our internet works better if I switch off our wireless and "piggyback". I pay for this.

I meant to title this 500 days of dumber. wrote 55 . whatever.

You know what movie is too bad to watch? Father of the Bride. Don't bother. So what if Steve Martin is a babe. Just watch The Jerk. Not that I love that.

Anyway, I have a job now everyday. The same one everyday. Until 6. or 3 on friday in the summer. SUMMER FRIDAYS. Pat and I need to write Post Collegiate Lyfe, the show before I forget what it is like to have no money and only the weirdest jobs ever(yeah right). Megan and I are also writing a movie like Now & Then but about art weirdo women who are meeting up and it ISN'T all flashback. This is who is allowed to play me: Michelle Williams, Amy Adams looking like she does when she is Amelia Earhart , Rosemarie DeWitt or Penelope Cruz. Basically, my twins.


Now & Then rules. Laura and I rented it one night like 2 summers ago and watched it on my bed. The best. I think we bought popcorn that you pop INSIDE the tub that looks like movie theater containers. You know? And probably ice cream. I used to dance to the Now & Then soundtrack in my neighbor's kitchen with her mom. When Am. Beaut. came out everyone thought I looked like Thora Birch but she kind of disappeared after Ghost World and I haven't heard that in years YEA-S!. She could play me in my movie.....I guess.

Just watched the trailer.
"I love the Smiths". Do people meet like that?
flash back to me in 10th grade at a weekend class at FIT. Laura has a Sonic Youth bag, same one i had. "I love Sonic Youth" (or something) - Me.
"Oh yeah, love them. Lee Ranaldo gave this to me"(or something) - Laura.


and then we ended up going to the same college and chatting on AIM. We were ROOMIES. AND THEN WE LIVED IN THE SAME APARTMENT!!!


Welcome back, BLOGGING!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

love it

Cut my life into pizzas/This is my last resort.

Alan made that one up.