Thursday, July 23, 2009


I love this picture of Nurse Chapel on the floor. That's what I feel like all of the time.

Today I ate at John's by myself. I haven't been to John's in a long time...really. A few times with Matt in the last few months. But I haven't seriously been there. I felt totally emotional! So Illogical! I was thinking about how Laura and I went there on my birthday a few years ago. The John's guys brought out 5 slices of strawberry cake with a doughnut on top of them with A ROSE MADE OUT OF TINFOIL on it. They sprayed the rose with men's cologne and it made my entire room smell awful for about a week. I cried, obviously. I have the rose still. The best art. Also, they had a picture of me&laura&joan hanging up. For a year. Going there makes me feel guilty. Like going to family parties and feeling like you should put more of an effort into being with these people throughout the year.

Maybe you haven't heard but Wednesday night is officially Art Date Night. That means that you get take out & don't spend time making dinner but you DO spend the night making arts. Ask Devon she thought of it. I'm doing it. Mine kind of happened today during the day though because I went to see J Hops reading last night, which was amazing.

And then NEXT Wednesday I'm seeing Steely Dan play Gaucho. Clearly. Why Gaucho? Because IT RULES. So My Art Dates are messed up for 2 weeks but they're still happening. My art nights consist of making Everclear Art. My specialty. And also BABY ART. I had to make an art for my cousin's baby that she just had. There had to be butterflies in it. Going to LI this weekend to view the baby and to hand over the baby art. And to drink a margarita from a margarita machine that will be at the family party.
Since I have no job right now I feel like DISTURBIA the Rihanna song, but also kind of releived to be home during the day.

Monday, July 20, 2009

getting better in the worst way

Little dude Spock the cat has been very vocal all morning. Since 6:20 when he decided to wake me up. Sadie the cat is on a hunger strike.

After Tuesday I won't have a job anymore. Like, at all. Was looking for a new one then just...lost this one.

I'm going to try & apply for unemployment. I'm not sure it will work.

hear of

let me know!

I've got cats to feed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi, what's the cheapest bottle of white wine that you have cold?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Away We Go

Was better than I was expecting! I liked it. It was a little cheesy and maybe condescending but, whatevs. Liked it.

Hated the AWAY TO____ text that would pop up. Why?

JK is cute.

It made me want to not work at a job everyday, move into a big azz house that is beautiful and be pregnant and wear clothes that make me look REALLY COOL PREGO.

The music was kind of tiresome by the end. George Harrison tune made me feel good. Worked as a feel good hit.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

buy me a new lyfe


You know you are in a fragile emotional state when you start to tear up listening to I Will Buy You A New Life while washing the dishes.


It is because I have no money I think. And I want to have a new life bought for me. Debt can really make me FREAK OUT. When Alan and I watched Stroszek we had to pause the movie for about 45 minutes so I could cry hysterically.

Everclear...whoa. So into it. EC & Brit Brit. I don't listen to anything else. Is it just me or is Art Alexakis really sensitive to how hard it is to be a woman? Is he a feminist? Am I insane? Listening to So Much For the Afterglow reminds me of being in high school and thinking that when I was cool and older I would have a boyf that was kind of  like AA on SMFTE. Probs better off but, you know.

"Simple minds just cannot seem to understand/
you are neurotic and depressed it doesn't mean that you're sad"

Hey, guess what I'm working on today? 

Adam Davies bDay gift.

Hey, guess when Adam's Bday was? 

Feb14. Vday.

You know that Roz Chast cartoon from like, two New Yorkers ago? How to Drive Your Man Crazy in Bed?  So funny. I love it. I'm going to frame it.

Friday, July 03, 2009


#1. My dad is getting married!!!

Isn't that exciting? He & Robin have been together for 11 years - a decent chunk of my baby life.

ANYWAY - PSYCHED! I don't know what they're going to do. But, they will be "official".

#2. Leonard Nimoy is going to be at a Trek convention in NJ in August & it's only 30 bux the day he is there! HELL YEAH I AM GOING. I have to buy a ticket...tomorrow.

#. Spock the cat has been wearing his collar for 3 days! What?!