Monday, April 26, 2010

BREAKING NEWS, Celebrity Edition

Leonard Nimoy retired! Not just from acting but from the convention circuit too! (yeah, right). He's giving Zachary "smokin' hot" Qunito his space. Sweet & generous, just like always.

I am thankful I had the opportunity to stand next to him for 12 seconds and squeeze his hip.

He seems to have taken up tweeting and selling things on etsy to fill his time now that is acting career is over. It's cute.

I wanna go to Vulcan, Canada. Take me there.

More important news, followed by the most important news:

2010: is officially the year of the celebrity.

Celebs I've spotted this year:
1. Zachary Qunito*. He was so beautiful. He looked like Spock. Incredibly handsome. I chased him down the street like the Beatles in 1964 while we were all just yelling/saying "it's him! it's him!"
2. Mo Rocca. I had a big time crush on him in high school. He was texting.
3. Patti Smith.
4. Alec Baldwin.
5. Julianne Moore.
6. Kenneth the Page. I saw 30 Rock filming. duh.
7. Liza Minelli.
8. I don't think these count since it was a KG opening but, Kim & Thurston.
9. Chloe Sevz.
10. and finally....Yoko Ono.....THREE TIMES!!! You don't need to ask. Of course I followed her the last time. I think she goes out to breakfast at the same place everyday. email me for deetz people.

*A note on Z. Quntio aka nu spock. Last summer I was flipping through Us Weekly or People or Star or Whatevs and there was a photo of him walking and holding two iced coffees and talking on his cell phone or something. I immediately was thinking oh man, that's so sad his boyf is totally at home waiting for his iced coffee, he can't just go with him because he is so not out. Then I started wondering...I wonder how I could meet him? And have coffee? I guess he'd be in NYC and I'd see him and he would just have to talk to me and we'd chat. and we'd have coffee! and then he'd be like, listen, let's do this - move to LA with me, and I'd be like I don't drive!!! and he'd be like, I'll drive you around! Then we'd be in LA together and one day he'd go get iced coffees and mine would be the black one, obviously, and he'd be making a phone call to tell me that the place was out of soy milk, so my coffee was just black and is that OK? Or should he go stop at the store and get some soy creamer for me. And I'd be like, black is totally fine. And then I would say something so totally hilarious that makes him laugh, like in those pictures.

That is my brain. I was thinking about these thoughts today and hating myself for not saving the photo! I want to tape the image to something and it would be my best art! Luckily the internet exists and this is what i'm talking about.

xoxo gossip gorn, your one and only inside source to the glamorous life of myself.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

crucial taunt

sometimes it's like, life is like , "it's like we're looking down on wayne's basement only that's not wayne's basement". you know?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

get me out of here al

walking with a starbucks soy latte in one hand, pushing a bugaboo stroller with the other and wondering when al and ziggy are going to get me out of here. very ready to leap to the next life.