Tuesday, June 22, 2010

lawrence of my labia


SATC 2 was kinda good. is it really surprising that a goofball movie about aging women was so poorly (and in most cases, unfairly) reviewed? the movie is not without problems, clearly, but i enjoyed it. i sat there and laughed and had a good time and when it ended i thought - that's it? this is what i think articulated by someone else.

more or less.

even the backlash to the backlash people seem to have a problem with the image of samantha applying vaginal cream in her office with all of times square behind her. really? i love it. i want to use it to make art. what a crazy image. need it.

and like the defense says, lawrence of my labia is funny. like, totally.

liza sings single ladies.

if someone consulted me before casting big i would have told them to go for alec baldwin.

i was recently looking at dresses at an upper east side consignment store and was kind of psyched to check a label and see, say, marc jacobs. or maybe chanel. ysl. dvf. i felt like a busted carrie bradshaw.

i also liked the tag line, "carrie on".

get over it, america!

LIke, always.

The flashing red alert light on Obama's BlackBerry must be going off like, all the time.